Reconnect with your creativity


Started in the summer of 2021 by musical twin sisters Natalie and Kyla Stroud, Find Your Light is a community interest company which champions creativity, wellbeing and togetherness. We host residential and day retreats, designed for those wanting to reconnect with themselves, their creativity and others. Our retreats offer a safe space for performers and creatives of all fields and levels to reignite passions, connect with other artists and create in an environment without any pressure or judgement. We believe that to thrive creatively, we need to give our mental health the respect and kindness it deserves. 

With the creative industries taking a huge hit during Covid-19, the twins wanted to help those who had lost their jobs, their confidence and their self-belief. Kyla struggled a lot with her own mental health and discovered first hand how the arts could benefit one's wellbeing. Through combining previous experiences of American summer camp, theatre workshops and wellbeing sessions, the first retreat was born. The idea was to focus back in on the beating heart of the arts; the passion, the expression and the connection, at a time when it became hard to see past the fear, pressure and uncertainty.


Days are filled with creative workshops and activity sessions, with optional wellbeing activities in the morning and evenings. Example day activities would be dance, songwriting, arts & crafts, drama, choir, creative writing. Wellbeing sessions may include yoga, meditation, life coaching and river swims, plus optional chill time for those who need time alone to reflect or unwind. Each day includes a communal lunch and dinner, which is prepared by small allocated groups. At Find Your Light we champion camaraderie, which means everyone getting stuck in wherever they can; cooking, cleaning, you name it! Our retreats are residential, meaning attendees make the retreat their home for their stay. At the end of our retreats, we have the celebration / showcase where attendees have the chance to share what they have created with close friends, family and fellow attendees. Participation in this is completely optional but if we go by our first retreat as an example, retreaters seem to have a new found confidence and willingness to share by the end of the week. No retreat would be complete without the end of week campfire. Toasted marshmallows and sing-alongs are a must!




Our first 4 night retreat took place 9 - 13 Aug 2021. 

Our first 3 night winter retreat will be 27 - 30 Dec 2021.

Our 2022 summer retreat is due to take place 21 - 26 Aug 2022.

We aim to hold three residential retreats per year. One in spring, summer and winter. Stay tuned for future dates. Alongside our residential retreats we aim to hold one-off day retreats and social events for all Find Your Light attendees and supporters.


Our first retreat was hosted by the beautiful Quadrangle in Shoreham, Kent, while our winter retreat was at Fair Oak Farm, Mayfield. We intend to return to the Quadrangle for spring and summer. All retreats will be in either Kent or a commutable location to London. 


Our retreats are aimed at creative people between the age of 18 and 40, with a particular emphasis on those who have lost their drive or need to reignite a passion. Being a CIC, we are aiming to secure funding to help keep our attendance fees as low as possible and therefore making the retreats accessible to those who need it most.